December Update!

We have been working hard to make this project a success!  In December, our first month of real on-the-ground work, we…

  • Met with Principal Herrmann at Middleton High School, who gave us the thumbs-up on using the greenhouse and school land.
  • Met with Principal Soeteber at Kromrey Middle School and Kathy Kneiber, a guidance counselor who has been running a school garden program there. Both are excited to work with us to expand opportunities for youth to get involved in growing food.
  • Met with a parent in the community who is helping to draft the nutrition and cooking elements of our program.
  • Presented our project to the student organic farm organization at UW-Madison, F.H. King Students for Sustainable Agriculture, who wants to collaborate with us.
  • Spent 9 hours canvassing in Middleton: talked to 67 households, gathered 40+ emails, and raised $374. The average level of excitement for our program was a 7.5 out of 10.
  • Designed a beautiful logo!

We are so excited to be developing this project in such a supportive community.  Thank you to everyone so far who has helped us!

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