Start your seeds in the MHS greenhouse this spring!

This spring, Growing Food and Sustainability has been doing a lot of work in the MHS garden and we have programmed the greenhouse so that it is up and running and growing beautiful seedlings!  Our program only needs to use a fraction of the greenhouse space, so we would like to invite all community members to start garden seeds in the greenhouse this spring!

Starting next Sunday, April 8th from 1-4pm, you will be able to bring your seed starting materials to the greenhouse and plant your seeds!

Every weekend this spring we will host weekly Community Greenhouse Hours when the greenhouse will be open and a Program Leader will be present.  This is time when anyone using the greenhouse can check on their plants, plant more seedlings, remove their seedlings, etc.  Community Greenhouse Hours will be posted on our website homepage.

– A NOTE ABOUT WATERING: Since community members cannot access the greenhouse on their own, GFS will check the greenhouse everyday and will water everything as needed.  If you are a MHS staff person and you DO NOT want us to water your seedlings, please place your trays and/or pots on the table labeled “do not water”

Guidelines for using the greenhouse:
– The first time you come to the greenhouse, please sign-in with Gabrielle or Natalie.  They will show you where to place your trays/pots, and will take down your email so that we can be in contact about upcoming Community Greenhouse Hours and future deadlines for removing seedlings this summer.
– Please bring all of the supplies you will need for starting your seeds. (All of the materials (soil mix, seed trays, etc.) that are already in the greenhouse are being used by Growing Food and Sustainability).
– Label your seed trays/pots carefully, so you know that they are yours!
– Place your seed trays/pots in the area of the tables labeled “community”
– Only use the greenhouse for starting your garden seeds, not for storing plants for long periods of time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at: or simply comment below.

We look forward to seeing the greenhouse teeming with life and activity!

Gabrielle and Natalie Hinahara
Founders, Program Leaders

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4 Responses to Start your seeds in the MHS greenhouse this spring!

  1. soshartford says:

    What a great idea! If I were closer, I’d love to start my seeds in community! For now, my dinning room window will have to suffice 🙂

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  3. Lisa Schell says:

    I wish I would have known about this. Totally would have started seeds at the MHS greenhouse. Next year! Cool work Natalie! Keep it up!

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