Celebrating Our First Year!

Thank you to everyone who made Growing Food and Sustainability’s first year such a success!  Please take a look below to see all that we accomplished.  If you would like to support youth garden education in your holiday giving, please click here!

Program Mission:

We started GFS to engage youth in hands-on environmental education through food production, cooking, art, biking, and multi-age relationship building.  We ran a summer garden camp, organized community workdays, piloted a bike-powered compost service, and delivered produce donations to those in need.

 Quotes from participants

●      “I love the learning-and-teaching aspect of the program. It provides a safe, comfortable, and respectful environment for me to share my skills and knowledge, as well as to learn from others.” Nurain Mohammad Hamdani, Full-Time Participant

●      “I had never felt so fulfilled leaving work every day as I did this summer.  I learned so much about myself, knowledge that I will continue to use for the rest of my life.” Lauren Reichelt, Full-Time Participant


●      2 program leaders, 2 full-time participants, 10 part-time participants
●      Program dates: 6/19-8/17
●     1,700 volunteer hours


  • Major accomplishments and impact
  • 27 students ages 4-17 involved in the summer garden camp
  • 108 hours of garden summer camp taught within 9 weeks
  • 1,260 pounds of produce grown and harvested
  • 1,220 pounds diverted from the waste stream through our bike-powered compost pick-up service
  • 730 pounds of produce donated to the Middleton Outreach Ministry Food Pantry
  • 229 pounds of produce donated to the Middleton Senior Center

 Major partners and communities engaged:

  • Middleton High School
  • Clark Street Community School
  • Kromrey Middle School
  • Middleton Outreach Ministry Food Pantry
  • Middleton Senior Center
  • Downtown Middleton Farmers’ Market
  • Bloom Bake Shop
  • Roman Candle Pizzeria

Goals for the future

  • Working with Middleton High School’s Ecology Club to take care of the gardens and integrate the produce into their annual Organic Dinner fundraiser
  • Start a new Ecology Club at the Clark Street Community School
  • Work with teachers at both high schools to use the gardens as teaching spaces
  • Sell half of the produce we grow at next year’s Middleton Farmers’ Market
  • Teach 3-4 adult garden education workshops during the summer of 2013

Media, Funding:

  • 9 media hits; 20 blog posts
  • $1,586 raised through donations
  • $6,150 raised through grants
  • $1,570 raised through the summer garden camp
  • $1,156 raised through plant and produce sales
  • $1,637 in in-kind donations of materials

Thank you for your continued support!

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