Reflections from this Summer’s Interns

Thanks to a wonderful intern group, we were able to accomplish so much this summer!  Below, a few of them reflect on their experience with our program this summer:

1_4Grant: “This summer was filled with great new adventures. As a part of the GFS Construction Team, I had the opportunity to work on drip irrigation, a fence to keep out pesky rabbits and most recently we built raised beds for the Outdoor Classroom. We managed to plan, design, get materials for and build all of these projects in the short 3 months of this summer.

When I was in high school I had the opportunity to build a bike shelter and when the project was done, after adding the last shingle, I came to the realization that I was standing on an idea. While few of the things we have built this summer are things that I want to stand on, it has been amazing to once again traverse the journey from the conception of an idea to seeing the finished project. While each of the projects that we tackled this summer had their unique challenges, in the process of overcoming them we found unique solutions that utilized the varying strengths of our amazing intern team.”

DSCF1207Building the fence

1045130_10151742579183698_2084884659_nAllison: “This summer has been filled with friendship, hard work, and determination. I had never gotten a chance to do this before so I found it very fulfilling. I learned the joys and hardships of farming. I got rained on as well as a thick farmers tan. I watched a dirt patch become a flourishing garden. It all seemed to flash before my eyes especially all the projects that got finished.

The teamwork was amazing. One reason our projects were so successful was the teams we created and how much everyone wanted to help. No one had to do anything alone. I was also amazed at how quickly this program was known around town. The things we did were seen and appreciated. The Outdoor Classroom was struggling and locals were not happy with it. In the end we got new raised beds built and assembled in the last few weeks of summer, which made a huge impression. I made friendships I will never forget as well as new skills I can take with me.”

DSCF1204Most of the summer crew!

1_7Robin: “I had a fantastic time interning with Growing Food and Sustainability. I really did not know that much about gardening and that was not a problem at all. I have learned so much about  how vegetables grow and how to care for them. I have also meet some fabulous people through this internship making a beautiful community . If you enjoy the outdoors or just want to learn about vegetables I would recommend this internship in a heartbeat.”

DSCF1335Robin, Ilana, and campers picking up compost from the food pantry

1_5Ilana: “This summer at Growing Food & Sustainability, I participated as one of the college-aged interns in the program. With this position, I was given the option of joining the Farmers’ Market small team or the Construction small team at the very start of the summer. Naturally, I chose the construction group, as that is where I have experience. Our team set up a drip irrigation system for the Youth Farm, built a fence around the farm, created a washing board for produce, repaired rain barrels, and rebuilt the raised beds at the Outdoor Classroom. It was an incredibly successful summer!

Not only did we complete all of these projects, but also the garden has looked fantastic all summer. As the summer progressed, so has our variety of produce. I had the opportunity to work at the Farmers’ Market. Each week we brought more and more produce to sell and more and more varieties. When I began the market, we only had chard, basil and radishes. The final week I was there, we sold all of those, as well as salad mix, potatoes, beans, kale, and even tomatoes! That’s progress!

After all that has been completed this summer, the year and the summer to come hold a lot of potential.”

Our abundant farmers market standIlana at the Farmers Market!

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