Check out this update from our friend, Tim, one of the new farmers making use our greenhouse space!

Unlikely Acres

We’re growing stuff again!


In the middle of March, we planted seeds for cool-season veggies: onions, leeks, and brassicas (cabbage, kale, etc). We’ve started herbs and flowers, too, and yesterday we planted our first warm-season crops—tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant.

Our friends Gabrielle, Natalie, and Colin direct an awesome program called Growing Food and Sustainability. They work with Middleton schools—and, in the summer, with kids in the summer camp they run—to involve kids in every stage of growing food, from planting seeds to donating the harvest to a food pantry up the road. Pretty cool.

Another nifty thing they do is offer greenhouse space to people in the community who want to start their own seeds. (That’s us!) In exchange for a few benches in the greenhouse, we do some watering and generally try to be useful. It’s a great arrangement for us…in fact, I don’t know how we’d be…

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